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Student Welfare

Student Welfare Directorate

Student Welfare Directorate is a conjoint unit for all the students. It primarily focuses on students’ welfare, sports, cultural and social activities for physical and intellectual development.

It is committed to guiding students in developing the values of civility, conscience, character, and social responsibility.

Fig: Structure of Student Welfare Directorate


Student Coordinators


  1. To develop the leadership qualities among the students
  2. To facilitate student cultural, sports, and social activities
  3. To act as a channel of communication between the students and the higher authority
  4. To organize the various student-related extracurricular activities
  5. To facilitate a conducive academic environment in the University through departmental clubs

Units under Student Welfare

  1. Undergraduate and graduate hostels
  2. Swimming Pool
  3. KU Fitness Center


  1. Sports
  2. Cultural
  3. Social
  4. Student Counseling
  5. Student Logistics
  6. Hostel Management
  7. Organizing convocation program, welcome program and interaction programs with the Vice-Chancellor
  8. Organizing election of Student Welfare Council

Programs organized by Student Welfare

  1. Convocation
  2. Welcome Program
  3. Interaction Program with Vice-Chancellor
  4. Sports Week
  5. SWC Election
  6. Fitness Activities
  7. Tree Plantation
  8. TrashTag Cleaning Campaign
  9. Community Health Camp
  10. Awareness Programs such as: Educate and Aware 2017 - Cleanliness and Awareness Rally - November 2017 (at Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu)

Student Welfare Council (SWC)

Student Welfare Council (SWC) is a non-political representative body of students responsible for implementing and coordinating all the student activities in the respective schools. It coordinates among each other and implements inter-school student activities.

It consists of 15 members and is headed by a President, who is elected through an individual class representative under the supervision of the Student Welfare Directorate.

All the activities of the Student Welfare Council are monitored by the Student Welfare Directorate.


Office of the Student Welfare Directorate

Room No. 110, Block 11 (Yamaji Block)

Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel

Contact: +977-11-415100 (Ext. 0403)