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Student Activities

Extra and co-curricular activities

A wide and diversified range of extracurricular activities exists at Kathmandu University meeting a variety of student interests. The university encourages the students in various activities other than academics as well. Several inter-departmental and departmental sports events are organized each year. Also, the students are encouraged to organize at least one event on their own per department in a year that helps them improve their organizational and managerial skills. Extracurricular activities range from primarily student clubs to youth lead events to intra and intercollegiate sports programs. Each activity offers students an opportunity to work with others and to gain essential life skills. Student Welfare also organizes various extracurricular activities coordinating with the students.

KU Fitness Center

Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel has a fitness center, free for all the KU students. It houses the equipment necessary for body-building and cardio along with well-maintained showers.


Swimming Pool

The central campus has a swimming pool which is obviously an awesome place to unwind from all the hustle: a place where you can stay fit and stay relaxed. The entry is free for anyone who shows an ID card of Kathmandu University.


Some glimpses of Extra and co-curricular activities at Kathmandu University