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Kathmandu University (KU) is a not-for-profit public university established under the Kathmandu University Act, 1991. It is an institution of higher learning dedicated to maintain the standard of academic excellence in various classical and professional disciplines. KU envisions 'to become a world-class university devoted to bringing knowledge and technology to the service of mankind'. Kathmandu University is a benchmark for academic excellence and educational infrastructure in Nepal. With over 140 academic programs across seven schools, Kathmandu University has produced more than 30000 graduates over the years. Thus, the university has been living up to its mission 'Quality Education for Leadership' and it has built an international reputation. KU believes in collaborations and it has a tie with many renowned universities and other institutions globally. KU graduates have always stood out for their competence in research, technology, leadership and global compatibility.

"Endowment provides an alternative source of funding for University to achieve its long-term goals"

Kathmandu University Endowment

About the Endowment

  • Endowment funds are unique as the value of the principal amount is preserved to perpetuity while the proceeds from investment or, interest income will be used for the specific purpose
  • The proceed maybe re-invested in the main fund itself to ensure the growth and maintain the fund's spending power in the future
  • Kathmandu University Endowment Funds are composed of many restricted funds established by donors for specific purposes

Benefits to Kathmandu University

  • Kathmandu University plans to establish a thousands of restricted funds for specific purposes such as named scholarships, students' financial assistance, support the University's mission, support the costs of a named facility, research and development, faculty development or as specified by the donor
  • Endowment funds are considered as a measure of an institution's long-term strength and they are essential for Kathmandu University to remain a leading university in the future
  • Endowment funds ensure that the future generations will enjoy the excellence of Kathmandu University in the years to come

Why should you make an Endowment contribution?

  • Endowments provide an alternative source of funds for the university that supports students, faculties, research and programs for years to come
  • They ensure that the university survives during the hard times and also provides assurance that the university recruit and retain exceptional students and faculties.
  • It helps the university to stand up to the level of a world-class institution in the future.
  • It increases the University's competitiveness and bridges the gap between the Nepalese University and peers from neighboring nation by attracting and retaining the best faculties.
  • Endowment contribution from YOU will help Kathmandu University realize the educational and research ambitions that citizens and industries expect from their top-tier university

Benefits to you:

  • When you decide to contribute to the University's Endowment funds, you will have the power to choose how your contribution will support the University
  • Moreover, with your contribution, you will establish a more meaningful connection with the university, the students, faculties and the programs that benefits from your contribution in the years to come.
  • It is an excellent way to honor someone special to you such that the name remains immortal in the University.
  • You, your family and your institution will enjoy a long relationship with Kathmandu University.

Procedure for establishing Endowment Fund:

  • You can establish an endowment at Kathmandu University with a minimum contribution of Rs. 2 million
  • A Contract is designed and signed between You and the Kathmandu University, that dictates the terms and condition of the establishment and the usage of the Endowment fund that you create
  • The use and purpose of the endowment contribution is also documented in the Kathmandu University Endowment Agreement, where you specify the usage of the endowment fund
  • Once established, your contribution in the endowment fund will be exclusively used for the purpose outlined in Kathmandu University Endowment Agreement
  • You have option to choose from either:
    • Contributing the lumpsum agreed amount at once
    • Contribute the agreed amount as an annuity that reaches the agreed amount in a specified date
  • Your endowment is prudently invested in a secured investment such as Fixed Deposits, the proceeds generated will be used as per the agreement, portion of which will be used in the directed purpose, while some portion is used to grow the fund.

How do I get started?

Once you decide to create an endowment, a formal notification to KU representative will suffice. The representatives will work closely to help you define the characteristics of your endowment to meet both your wishes and the need of the university. For more information, please contact us in the following for further details regarding endowment funds.