Collaboration between Academia and Practice of Sustainable Development

Published Date: 2020-06-22, Monday

The discussion on the topic 'Collaboration between Academia and Practice of Sustainable Development', was jointly organized by Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) Department of Development Education and Society for Humanism (SOCH), Nepal. The discussion took place on June 21, 2020, commencing at 5:00 P.M. and concluded around 7:00 P.M. NST. Four expert panelist; Honorable Dr. Usha Jha, Member of National Planning Commission (NPC), Professor Bhim Prasad Subedi, Chairperson University Grant Commission (UGC), Professor Mahesh Nath Prajuli, Dean Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) and Ms. Latika Maskey Pradhan, Assistant Representative United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), were among the speakers. Dr. Prakash C. Bhattarai, Department Head Kathmandu University School of Education Department of Development Education was the moderator of the discussion. Approximately a hundred and fifty participants were connected online to participate in the discussion. The panel is important to think on sustainable development in which Prof. Subedi emphasized that sustainable practices makes the theoretical knowledge of SD. He mentioned that equity, one of the principal agendas of SDG, has to be discussed widely in the Nepali context which was the traditional knowledge system of Nepali society. Likewise, Honorable Dr. Usha Jha opined that all concerned stakeholders should go hand in hand for effective collaboration to achieve SDG. All involved individuals should acknowledge the presence of each other and go together for the successful implementation of SDG. She stated, out of seventeen SDGs Nepal has adopted sixteen goals, 479 indicators, and 159 targets to be achieved through SDG. Likewise, Professor, Mahesh Nath Parajuli shared that the discourse of development started in Nepal it was Western-centric and local was considered as savage and outdated. The new development discourse of modern development and education demolished the local and established notion of development and education. The new discourse of development emphasized the maximum utilization of resources rather exploiting resources was considered as development. He also sees a gap between what is written in policy and what is practiced. So, to answer what can academia do for sustainable development he emphasizes research, debates, discussion, and producing

genuine experts in the field of sustainable development. Likewise, Ms. Latika Pradhan shared that SDG as the ongoing and unaccomplished agenda of MDG. In her talk, he emphasized on the need of contextualizing and localizing SDG in the context of Nepal. She said Nepal should

prioritize SDGs in relevance to our context and needs, i.e., cultural, and norms should be taken into consideration. She emphasized on contextualizing SDGs by local level. She also said adopting theoretical knowledge into practice is easier said than job. Not everything in practices goes straightforward as in theory. Lastly, the moderator, Prakash C Bhattarai thanked the panelists, the host and the participants for their presence in the discussion. The moderator also recapped and highlighted the major points of the panelists before biding adieu. The moderator also said that the host shall continue organizing similar discussion in the coming future.

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