Current Research Trend on English Language Education

Published Date: 2022-01-14, Friday

A webinar on “Current Research Trend on English Language Education” was organized by Kathmandu University, Nepal. The session was presided over by respected Dr. Tikaram Poudel. Subject experts, Prof. Dr. Irom Gambhir Singh, Manipur University, India, Prof. Ni Ni Hlaing, Mandalay University of Distance Education, Myanmar and Guest Speaker Dr. Protiva Rani Karmaker, Former Director and Associate Professor, Institute of Modern Language, Jaganath University, Bangladesh were the dignitaries invited for the webinar.

The program started at 3:45 pm and the opening session was addressed by one of the moderators, Parmeshor Baral. He welcomed all the subject experts and research scholars who had joined the session from Manipur, Nepal and Myanmar. Following which, the M. Phil Scholars of Kathmandu University shared their respective presentation on the different approaches they had adopted in studying the current research trends in learning English language, explaining the methodologies and the findings of the study. Each presentation was followed by question and answer session.

Numerous discussions were based on the implementation of ICT in classroom teaching to give learners access to information and enhance digital literacy skill. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the urgent shift to digital technologies, present both opportunities and challenges in using ICT tools by teachers. Such importance of ICT tools was successfully addressed by Eebra Raj Tiwari, M. Phil Scholar, Kathmandu University in his topic “Teachers’ Perceptions on the Use of ICT tools in ELT.” The findings indicated positive attitudes towards ICT use as an integral part of online teaching and learning. It maybe also noted that the integration of ICT into ELT classroom is although with certain challenges, unavoidable in foreseen future.

Another interesting and informative presentation was delivered by Ramji Acharya, M. Phil Scholar, Kathmandu University in his topic “Use of ICT tools in English Language Assessment”. It gave me a wider view on how the pandemic have pushed the teachers in Nepal to use computer-aided assessment in education, yet it is rarely implemented due to a lack of skilled resources for ICT integration in the process. In short, access to ICT tools is still limited, especially in rural schools. The participants also raised their queries and highlighted the need to look into teachers’ competency for effective development and implementation of ICT-based education.

Furthermore, there was an informative overview on the topic “How Graphic Organizers Enhance Critical Thinking Skills in English Classes” by Sunita Swar Suri, M. Phil Scholar, Kathmandu University. The participants were made aware that graphic organizers make complex materials easier to conceptualize and retrieve. In a study designed as a qualitative analysis of in-depth interviews, she concluded how graphic organizers assisted in helping make learning easier and interesting.

At the end of the session, Dr. Tikaram Poudel briefly summed up the webinar and rendered the formal Vote of Thanks. Feedback was administered to the participants by the dignitaries. The webinar provided the participants with enormous knowledge on various aspects of English language education. They were thankful and appreciative of the commendable efforts taken by the scholars of Kathmandu University for the valuable inputs delivered during the session.

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