Prof. Dr. Bibhuti Ranjan Jha co-authored a journal article published in an international journal: Biological Conservation

Published Date: 2022-01-21, Friday

David P. Gillette (University of North Carolina, U.S.A.) has published a journal article, “Thirty years of environmental change reduces local, but not regional, diversity of riverine fish assemblages in a Himalayan biodiversity hotspot” together with the co-authorship of David R. Edds (Emporia State University, U.S.A.), Bibhuti Ranjan Jha (Kathmandu University, Nepal) and Bhogendra Mishra (Science Hub, Nepal).

David P. Gillette has served as a visiting scholar under the Fulbright Scholarship at Kathmandu University in 2016, during which his team extensively added to the previous research on fish ecology and diversity in Kali Gandaki Narayani River (KNR). This article is one of the valuable outputs of that research and collaboration.

The journal article can be accessed from:

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