Notice to PhD Applicants 2024 Feb Batch

Published Date: 2023-12-31, Sunday

Based on the written test, presentation of the concept note, and interview, the Research Committee at the School of Education, Kathmandu University, recommends the following applicants as eligible for the PhD in Education programs for the 2024 intake. The applicants are advised to consult their provisional supervisors through the respective Departments.

The admission process involves the following steps:

  • Applicants update their research proposals based on the PhD Proposal Guidelines of the School of Education (check your email) and submit them to the respective Head of Department by January 20, 2024;
  • When the research proposal is updated to an acceptable standard, the Provisional Supervisors assess and recommend it to the respective Head of the Department for further evaluation and approval;
  • An evaluation panel comprising the Dean, Head of the Department, and PhD Coordinator will make the final decision on admission to the respective PhD program.
  • The entire process of revision, evaluation, approval, and admission should be completed by 31 January 2024.
Please note:

The given Department-wise list is not a call for direct admission. The approval for admission is subject to the quality of your research proposal. Once you are approved by the committee of the Dean, HOD, and PhD Coordinator, you are notified for admission into the respective programs of the School of Education by 26 January 2023.

To view the Department-wise list - Please click here:

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Last Updated Date: 2023-12-31,Sunday
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