Post Graduate Diploma in STEAM Education


The emerging need for pedagogical innovation has indicated trans, multi, and interdisciplinary approaches to holistic and sustainable learning via combinations of science and arts-based approaches. STEAM as a pedagogical approach is considered helpful for learners to develop both analytic and creative faculties by using project-based, inquiry-based, and problem-based learning in an integrated learning environment. Different disciplines in STEAM Education are regarded as references for skills and knowledge systems for learners to solve real-world problems, develop transversal competencies, design innovative STEAM products, and experience a productive culture of learning. With these perspectives, KUSOED has developed a PGDE (One-Year) program in STEAM Education. The PGDE program is specially designed for in-service/pre-service teachers, teacher educators, school leaders, and recent graduates who are interested in developing expertise in STEAM Education through this innovative educational program.

Key Features of the Program

  • STEAM-based educational resources Developer
  • Developing teachers and teacher educators to use multi-, inter-, & trans-disciplinary education model
  • Developing practitioner-researchers in STEAM Education
  • Adapt innovative pedagogical approach to enable learners as innovative problem solvers
  • Adapt theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in planning, teaching, adapting, institutionalizing STEAM education
  • Regular Workshops & Conferences
  • National & International Exposures

Structure of the Program

The program is for two semesters. The 27 credit hours program includes (a) core courses (3 credit hours) (b) specialization courses (18 credit hours), c) elective courses (3 credit hours), and (c) the practicum (3 credit hours). 

Core Courses (3)

EDUC 401 Educational Philosophies (3)

Specialization Courses (18)

STEAM ED 404 ICT in STEAM Education (3)

STEAM ED 406 STEAM Pedagogy (3)

STEAM ED 408 Action Research in STEAM Education (3)

STEAM ED 411 Curriculum in STEAM Education (3)

STEAM ED 412 Assessment in STEAM Education (3)

Elective Courses (3) (Anyone)

STEAM ED 409 Designing e-assessment in Education (3)

STEAM ED 420 E-research in Education (3)

STEAM ED 423 Guidance and Counselling in Education (3)

EDMT 425 Ethnomathematics (3)

STEAM Ed 431 Teaching Science (3)

EDME 406 Teaching and Learning in Mathematics (3)

STEAM Ed 433 Teaching Language Arts and Social Studies (3)

Practical Courses (3)

EDUC 499 Practicum (3)

Note: 10% of Seats are available for International Students 


  • Not available