Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management


Over the past few decades, Nepal has made a significant progress in the field of education. Emphasis of the state on expanding access of people to education and growing number of schools across the country are remarked as illustration of the progress. The quantitative growth, however, has still been paradoxical to the quality of education and the learning outcomes of the students. Though creating conducive learning climate for the students has become a common discourse among educational practitioners, lack of teacher who is capable of undertaking managerial functions like classroom management, pedagogical planning, preparation and use of instructional resources and assessment of students’ learning has been a barrier to reinforcement of learning atmosphere for students. The barrier, at the same time, has also been instigated by limited familiarity of educational practitioners to the globally emerging trends in educational management along with lack of management skills in educators for contextualizing the global pedagogical practices in the soil of Nepal. In the present world where each unit of society functions as indispensable to each other, indispensability of school as an organization to various units of community is undeniable. Schools at present seem to have realized the influence the community makes in administrative, instructional and different other functions inside the school. However, accessing the educational need of the community and bringing the community in alignment with the organizational goal of the school has still been challenging. Due to the lack of educational professionals capable of preparing, applying, and managing strategies to include the stakeholders in the functions of the schools, the schools of Nepal are still striving for support from the family and community. Similarly, the dearth of educational managers capable of dealing with the discourses like pupil control, human resource management, management of changes that emerge with the emerging trends in education, and management of the challenges that emerge with change has still affected the effective and efficient functioning of school as an institution. Amid this scenario, there has been a huge demand of academic program that facilitates producing educational professionals inculcated with knowledge, understanding and skills related to educational management. The search for individuals capable of carrying out managerial functions pertains, both to the community and institutional schools along with the educational institutions offering technical and vocational education programs. The PGDE in Educational Management Program at Kathmandu University, hence, is conceived with the purpose of producing competent educational professionals capable of leading, and making holistic management of school system, thereby leading to the improvement of school system.