Master of Education in ELT (1 year)


Kathmandu University School of Education offers programs in interdisciplinary areas with a special focus on teacher education to develop the human resources required for the nation-building with special reference to education and pedagogy. To address the shift in the educational processes, the School aims at developing skilled and visionary educational professionals. In the given context, this document discusses the rationale for the program of M Ed in ELT (One Year) program, eligibility for the prospective students, program structure, course descriptions, and student assessment modalities.

Program Objectives

M Ed in ELT (One Year) program promotes innovations in pedagogical approaches prioritizing the combination of local and global practices in language teaching and learning. This program envisages integrating teaching and learning as lifelong learning based on the holistic, context-based, and multi-methods approach to educational practice and research. The program will focus on preparing teachers committed to basic and secondary levels of school education in Nepal. On the completion of the one-year program, the graduates will: • develop skills for English language teaching following the recent trends of theories and practices; • independently undertake small-scale need-oriented research to address the issues of ELT; • develop ELT materials as per the needs;. • design and deliver teacher training courses and activities for ELT practitioners as required in the changing situations; • train pre-service trainees and in-service teachers for effective teaching of ELT;

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