Master in Sustainable Development

Kathmandu University Master in Sustainable Development (KUMSD)

Program Official Title: Master in Sustainable Development


 Master in Sustainable Development is the Regional Master’s Program with interdisciplinary coverage targeted to develop SD professionals in the region after recognizing a deficit of such experts in our region. The main attributes of the program include;

  • The program is an interdisciplinary one with a thrust to produce educators, researchers, policy analysts, planners and trainers in the field of Sustainable Development.
  • This is a University identified area/program with over five years of experience of producing graduates with Master in Environment Education and Sustainable Development working in different areas. The experience of four years of its delivery has shown this marketable (as started) degree is a now becoming a sellable degree. This degree program has all the essential praxis to produce employee to self-employed entrepreneurs.
  • This program comes after an international market (job market) analysis which has shown a steady increase in employment in the Sustainability and Environment Sector; this program will cater to produce professionals for these demanding sectors.
The Program Structure

The program is a 24-month (divided into four semesters) program enriching oneself with practical experiences during the program. The first three semester includes coursework that blends theory with real world learning while the fourth semester includes internship and research work wholly making a practical focus.

Duration: 24 Months         
Modes of Delivery: Face to Face and Online Mode (Separate Registration Required)

All students have to complete the entire requirements for graduation with no excuses within 48 months.

There are four categories of coursework including the practical courses

Core Courses       06 Credits Specialization Courses        33 Credits Elective Courses                   06 Credits Practical Courses 09 Credits
Graduation Requirements

Students need to score pass grades in all subjects with an average of 3.0 (CGPA out of 4) with satisfactory completion of the practical work within the marked time.

Entry Requirement

Minimum second division or CGPA 2.5(out of 4) marks secured in Bachelor program in any stream.

Full Course Outline

For other details contact the program unit

Program Unit

Kathmandu University Masters in Sustainable Development (KUMSD)

School of Education, Kathmandu University

Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal

GPO Box 6250, Phone: 01-5548104, 5250524

Extension: 162 (12.00-16.30)

Connect to the program unit for details on the coursework