Master in Writing and Literacy Studies


Master of Writing and Literacy Studies (MWLS), a two-year program run by Department of Language Education (DLE), offers specialization in writing, with substantive orientation to theory and praxis of literacy. With a broader foundation on education, MWLS integrates subjects in writing and literacy practices across humanities, social sciences, management, applied sciences, and technology. The graduates of this program develop professional competencies and skills as writers and communicators and be employable in such varieties of domains as academia, research, media, international relations, diplomacy, and public services, among others. MWLS is of total 54 credits comprising core, specialization, professional, elective, and practical courses which include internship, research projects and dissertation writing. The program structure ensures a fair balance between rhetorics and crafts of writing across disciplines, readings across genres and professions, digital communication and current theories of learning and literacy.


The program has been designed considering the scope of a degree that meets the dearth of qualified human resources in writing and literacy. The rationale for launching the program involves catering to the extensive writing and communication opportunities across disciplines, such as education, journalism, mass media, research, translation, content writing and editing for publication houses. In particular, KUSOED realizes the need for:

  • producing formally educated scholar-teachers in writing and literacy;
  • building a robust ecology of writing education, featuring a culture that values written communication, support systems such as a writing and communication center, and curricular frameworks for foundational and specialized writing skills;
  • expanding the meaning and application of writing and literacy to a wider context of youth and adult education where subjects like digital literacy bear paramount significance;
  • stablishing writing and literacy studies as a discipline around writing education in Nepal's higher education.

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