MoU between KU and Maharishi International University (USA)

Published Date: 2023-03-03, Friday


A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on March 3, 2023, between Maharishi International University (USA) and KU at the inaugural session of the 7th international Ayurveda Congress in Kathmandu. The MoU aims to establish collaboration between the two universities in the field of Vedic Science through scholarly ties.

The Vice-Chancellor of Kathmandu University, Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa, and the President of Maharishi International University, Dr. John Hagelin, were the signatories to the MoU, which was signed in the presence of Rt. Hon'ble Prime Minister and Chancellor of Kathmandu University, Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

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Last Updated Date: 2023-03-03,Friday
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