Dr. Pandey and his Research Team Published an Article

Published Date: 2018-08-02, Thursday

The article covers evaluation of wide range of pharmacological activities such as anti-ulcer assay, anti-diarrhea assay, anti-inflammatory assay, analgesic assay as well as the enzymatic assay such as lipase inhibition and alpha-amylase inhibition activities of of Eucalyptus camaladulensis Dehnh leaf extract.

The article can be downloaded from the link below:

Anil Upreti, Bibek Byanju, Muna Fuyal, Apekshya Chhetri, Paras Pandey, Rajeswar Ranjitkar, Jyoti Joshi Bhatta, Bishnu Prasad Pandey . Evaluation of a-amylase, lipase inhibition and in-vivo pharmacological activities of Eucalyptus camaladulensis Dehnh leaf extract. Journal of Traditiona and Complementary Medicine. In Press. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jtcme.2018.07.001


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