“Credit Information Bureau Scholarship endowment fund” established at Kathmandu University

Published Date: 2023-08-22, Tuesday


The “Credit Information Bureau scholarship endowment fund” with an amount of Rs. 50,00,000 (NPR Rs. Fifty Lakhs Only) has been established today (22 August, 2023) at Kathmandu University by Credit Information Bureau (CIB), an organization specializing in the management of credit information between the various actors in the financial industry of Nepal. The bureau holds a vital position in enhancing the overall performance of the credit market, thereby contributing to increased financial stability within the national economy. The endowment fund is aimed at providing need-based scholarships to two students pursuing the Management, Economics and Law integrated undergraduate courses at Kathmandu University School of Law, with preference to candidates belonging from a poor, rural background and family with a history of educational disadvantages.

The endowment signing event took place today (22nd August, 2023) at the Credit Information Bureau Office at Kamaladi. From KU’s side, the agreement was signed by Prof. Dr. Rishikesh Wagle, Dean, KUSOL and from CIB’s side, the agreement was signed by Mr. Omkar Lal Shrestha, Assistant CEO, CIB. In a conversation with officials from KU, Mr. Anil Chandra Adhikari, the Chief Executive Officer of CIB, emphasized the importance of bolstering understanding of Secured Transactions within Nepal's legal community. This, he noted, plays a pivotal role in fostering the growth of Nepal's financial sector. He also expressed his optimism about establishing a firm grasp of this concept among law graduates, lawyers, and judges in the country. He further underscored the collaboration with Kathmandu University School of Law to achieve this goal. Prof. Dr. Rishikesh Wagle affirmed his commitment to collaborating with CIB in order to cohesively arrange workshops aimed at the students as well as the law community and incorporate the concept of Secured Transactions into courses at KUSOL, all in pursuit of this objective.

At the conclusion of the signing ceremony, Mr. Omkar Lal Shrestha, representing CIB, presented the cheque to Prof. Dr. Rishikesh Wagle.

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