Aspire 2024

Published Date: 2024-03-01, Friday


Heartiest congratulations to Team Gandalf from Kathmandu University School of Management for clinching victory as the overall winners of Aspire 2024 (2.0)! 🏆 Your stellar performance, with Prabesh Dhakal as CEO in Visionary Vanguard, Bihani Sitaula as COO in Strategic Steward, Priyadarshini Tripathi as CMO in Idea Busk, and Bishal Kumar Sah and Prajwal Bikram Thapa as CFO and CIO respectively in Alchemy of Audits.

Where as in Individual category achievements:

Prabesh Dhakal, won gold in Visionary Vanguard as CEO

Bihani Sitaula, won gold in Strategic Steward as COO

Bishal Kumar Sah and Prajwal Bikram Thapa, both earning gold in Alchemy of Audits as CFO and CIO respectively

These accomplishments truly highlight the team's excellence and dedication. A sincere congratulations and gratitude to Islington College for providing this incredible opportunity for business students to show their abilities in such well-structured and stimulating challenges. Once Congratulations on this well-deserved success!

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Last Updated Date: 2024-03-01,Friday
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