Punya Prasad Koirala

Assistant Professor,
Department of Management Informatics and Communication, School of Management
Sibasatashi-1 Jhapa
Phone (Office): 977-11-661399; P.B. No. 6250, Kathmandu; Personal 9851169323

I am an Assistant Professor of English and Communication in the School of Management. I teach Communication Skills in different undergraduate programs at Kathmandu University. Besides that, I also provide writing and communication services to the University.

Before joining Kathmandu University, I  taught English for seven years in some colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University and Higher Secondary Education Board. The courses taken there were Compulsory English, Fiction, Drama, Academic Writing, Poetry, and Critical Thinking, among others.

My area of interest is cultural studies, Language, Literature, and Communication. I have completed my M. Phil in English from IACER which is affiliated with Pokhara University. The nine-credits research that I completed was on “Representation of Trauma in the Stories of Conflict and War”. Prior to that, I had done a Master of Arts in English Literature from Trivuwan University. The dissertation of MA was entitled “Nexus between Truth and Power: Reading Ibson’s An Enemy of the People”.

I have also completed a XIV Theory/ Praxis Course organized by Forum on Contemporary Theory (A Member of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes) in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy, the University of Hyderabad from 6 June - 2 July 2016.

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