Hem Raj Kafle

Head of Department,
Department of Language Education, School of Education
Dhulikhel, Kavre
Honors and Awards
Other Position

Hem Raj Kafle, PhD, is Associate Professor of English and Communication in the School of Education. He currently heads the School's Department of Language Education. He has worked in KU for more than two decades, having so far served in different important positions, such as Associate Director of Student Welfare, Spokesperson of the University, Chief of University Communications, Member of Examination Board, Head of the Department of Management Informatics and Communication, and Member of Research Committees.

Dr. Kafle specializes in rhetoric and communication and keenly works across leadership communication, rhetorical theories, cultural studies and creative writing. He currently teaches Academic Writing, Managerial Communication, Technical Communication, Logic and English.

Dr. Kafle is an alumnus of the Study of the United States Institutes (SUSI) program on Journalism and Media, which he participated in University of Florida, Gainesville, USA, in 2008. He has to his credit a co-authored anthology of poems, two translated books, a collection (book) of reflective essays, a collection of Nepali poems and a number of research publications on literary and communication discourses and dozens of newspaper columns on socio-political issues.

Dr. Kafle is an avid user and learner of Web 2.0 tools. He runs blogs, and is fairly active in social networks. He loves music and poetry and is occasionally seen singing and reciting in the public. He profoundly believes that communication is the key to productive learning and teaching, building leadership and maintaining relationships.

Honors and Awards
  • National Education Award, 2008
  • Nepal Vidhya Bhushan 'Ka', 2017
  • Rhetorics
  • English Language Studies
  • Transformative Education
Other Position
  • Member, Research Committee, School of Education
  • Member, English Subject Committee, School of Arts
  • Member, Communication Subject Committee, School of Management
  • Member of English Language Education Subject Committee, School of Education
  • Life Member, NELTA
  • Member, Society of Nepali Writers in English
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