Bal Chandra Luitel

School of Education
Hattiban, Kathmandu
Honors and Awards
Other Position


I completed M Ed (1997) from TU and Postgraduate Diploma (2002),  MSc (2003), and Ph.D. in Mathematics Education (2009) from Curtin University. 

My service at KU started in 1998 initially as Lecturer, Assistant Professor in 2005, Associate Professor in 2012, and Professor in 2018. 

Administratively I have served as the Coordinator of Research and Publication, Coordinator of Master Programs, and Associate Dean.

I have worked as a Senate Member (Teacher Representative) for about three years. 

Currently, I am the Dean of the School of Education. 


Honors and Awards
  • Distinction in Master of Education (TU), 1997
  • Mahendra Vidya Bhusan Kha, 1998
  • AusAid Scholarship for Master's study 2002
  • Distinction in Master of Science (Curtin) 2003
  • Endeavor International Postgraduate Research Scholarship for Ph.D. study, 2006
  • Chancellor's Commendation in PhD, 2009
  • Young Scientist Award of 2012 by NAST, 2012
  • Lifetime Achievement Award by Nepal Mathematical Trust, 2018
  • etc



My PhD research was about envisioning mathematics education as a meaningful and transformative learning enterprise that addresses students' diverse learning needs and helps students become critical, creative, and engaging learners. After the doctoral study, I identified a number of ways to translate such a vision into pedagogical actions, such as a) by contextualising educational processes according to students’ lifeworlds, b) by ensuring full participation of learners in all possible levels of pedagogical activities, c) by providing learners with opportunities to reflect critically on their learning journey and the nature of knowledge that they produce. My recent research has focused on constructing a transformative STEAM curriculum vision to facilitate teachers developing context-based and authentic pedagogies that help students gain access to much-needed knowledge and skills required for critical, active, and socially responsible citizenship.

My personal and professional philosophy stemming from my research and pedagogical practice has been shaped by a strong interest in social justice, equity, and cultural and environmental sustainability. As a teacher and researcher, I respect my students and research participants as ends-in-themselves (as opposed to means to other ends), acknowledging the importance of mutual respect in maintaining harmonious and productive relationships. I also believe in the notion, and act accordingly, that self-preservation is only possible through openness, truthfulness, and self-renewal. Social justice, reasonableness, the welfare of others, and sustainability are orienting principles that facilitate my decision-making process as a responsible citizen of the planet.


Key Publications
Pandey, C., Luitel, B.C., Gurung, L. (2022). School and University closures in COVID-19: Impacts on educational processes and systems. In U. Rana & J. Govender (Eds.), The Revelation of the Consequences of COVID-19 Pandemic and Exploration of Socio-cultural Response: CRC Press.


Dhungana, P., Luitel, B. C., Gjøtterud, S., & Wagle, S. K. (2021). Context-responsive Approaches of/for Teachers’ Professional Development: A Participatory Framework. Journal of Participatory Research Methods, 2(1), 18869.


Rajbanshi, R., Bastien, S. L., Pandey, M., Sharma, B., & Luitel, B. C. (2021). Intervention mapping, a tool for implementing urine diverting toilets and Ecosan education in a rural school of Kavre, Nepal. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development.


Pant, B. P., & Luitel, B. C. (2021). Incorporating Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Teaching Mathematics in a Blended Learning Environment. In E. Carm, M. Johannesen, B. C. Luitel, L. Øgrim, & P. Phyak (Eds.), Innovative technologies and pedagogical shifts in Nepalese higher education (pp. 167–181). Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill.


Sitaula, B. K., Žurovec, O., Luitel, B. C., Parker, A., & Lal, R. (2020). Need for Personal Transformations in a Changing Climate: Reflections on Environmental Change and Climate-Smart Agriculture in Africa Climate Impacts on Agricultural and Natural Resource Sustainability in Africa (pp. 347-370): Springer, Cham.


Dahal, N., Luitel, B. C., & Pant, B. P. (2019). Understanding the use of questioning by mathematics teachers: A revelation. International Journal of Innovative, Creativity and Change, 5(1), 118-146


Luitel, B. C. (2019). Journeying towards a Multi-Paradigmatic Transformative Research Program: An East-West Symbiosis. In P. C. Taylor & B. C. Luitel (Eds.), Research as Transformative Learning for Sustainable Futures (pp. 19-37): Brill Sense.


Luitel, B. C. (2018). A mindful inquiry towards transformative curriculum vision for inclusive mathematics education. Learning: Research and Practice, 1-13. doi: 10.1080/23735082.2018.1428141


Luitel, B. C. (2013). Mathematics as an im/pure knowledge system: Symbiosis, (w)holism and synergy in mathematics education. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 1-23.


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Other Position

I have also served and been serving a host of committees and task teams such as:

  • Subject Committee Chair at Curriculum Development Centre under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • Member of Curriculum and Evaluation Council under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology 
  • etc