Subodh Kumar Upadhyaya

Associate Professor,
Department of Biotechnology, School of Science
New Baneshwor-31, Kathmandu, Nepal
Honors and Awards
Other Position

Subodh K. Upadhyaya has his first Master’s degree in Zoology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal and his second Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS, Pilani) India. He did his PhD in conservation of large carnivores in the Western Terai of Nepal from Leiden University, the Netherlands under Netherlands fellowship program of Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation. He has been working at Kathmandu University since last 24 years and have played major role in the establishment of Biotechnology program. He is involved in teaching and research activities at the Undergraduate and Graduate level. He is also life member of several biotechnological associations.

Honors and Awards

Brandis prize for best research paper in Silviculture by The Indian Forester (2003).

Graduate fellowship in BITS-Pilani, India, 2002-2004.

Netherlands fellowship Program (NFP-PhD) 2014-2019.


Conservation and Wildlife genetics

Gene Expression in Eukaryotes

Effects of different phytochemicals on Cancer cells.

Molecular Diagnostics

Other Position

Head of the Department

Department of Biotechnology

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