Rajendra Gyawali

Associate Professor,
Department of Pharmacy, School of Science
Banganga-3, Kapilvastu (Now: Tokha-10, Kathmandu)
Honors and Awards

Rajendra Gyawali, is an Associate Professor of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry at the Kathmandu University, Department of Pharmacy, Nepal. He received his MSc Botany in 2001 from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and PhD in 2007 from Chosun University, Republic of Korea. He has completed his Postdoctoral research study in cancer biology from Jeju National University, Korea during 2011-2012. He started teaching carrier from Amrit Science College, Nepal where he served as part-time lecturer for 2001-2003. He joined Kathmandu University in 2008 as a permanent lecturer.

Dr. Gyawali has a blend experience of Botany and pharmaceutical science of around two decades to his credit. He emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to study the plant biology, herbal medicine, formulation, product development, and analysis with ethnopharmacological properties towards the overarching goal of translating laboratory knowledge into products by developing value-added herbal products of specific therapeutic strategies. He has more than 100 publications including, a text book, book chapters, review articles, research papers, and many articles in reputed journals and more. He has been awarded with the Science Award 2015 by Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, with the Third World Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) 2008 in biology, with the Nepal Vidhya Bhusan –Ka in 2008, Ministry of Education and Sports, Government of Nepal, and with the best Poster Presentation Award in 2006, Korea-Japan joint symposium of Korean society of food preservations, Korea. He conducted several research projects from UGC, NAST/ADB, WWF, KU-NTIC/IRDP, and many other funding agencies. In professional activities, he is serving as an editorial board member in more than Two dozen International journals, an advisor in several organizations, evaluated several PhD thesis, and delivered several keynote speech in international conferences.

Honors and Awards

Science Award, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Government of Nepal., 2015.

TWAS Award: TWAS award in biology for the year 2008, Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, Italy.2008

Government Award: Nepal Vidhya Bhusan ‘Ka’ in 2008, Ministry of Education and Sports, Government of Nepal, Nepal

Best Poster Award:  Best Poster Presentation Award’, Korean society of food preservations, in Korea-Japan joint symposium, 2006, Korea.


Plant biology, Ethnobotany, Medicinal Plants