Message from Office of the Dean

Message from Office of the Dean

Office of the Dean, School of Science (KUSOS), Block 06 Email:

Dear students,

On behalf of our faculty members and staff, we are delighted to welcome you all to the Kathmandu University School of Science (KUSOS). We also take pride in introducing you the KUSOS as the signatory School of Kathmandu University with ‘quality education for leadership’ as mission statement, established in 1991, with the establishment of Kathmandu University, passed by an Act of Parliament. We have completed 25th years of  establishment in the year 2017, and at the Silver Jubilee celebration have synthesized following six initiatives down the road as guiding principles for the university viz., Quality Initiative;  Impact Initative;  Equity Initiative;  Global Engagement Initiative;  Identity Initiative, and Innovation Initiatives.

We at KUSOS offer you highly qualified and talented faculty who happily provide information, advice and assistance. Students need to only ask, and you will find yourselves receiving valuable resources. Students`feedback is a very important part of quality assessment system, thus we expect every one of you participating in this activity without any hesitation. We believe strongly on what impact our teaching and research has brought to the community, thus rather than conventional teaching limited to classroom, you are encouraged to interact more with community and leave impression/impact during your stay on campus, four year flies by, and before you know  it, it will be too late! We assure equitable distribution of students from gender, ethnicity and geographic locations. We have signed collaborations with many highly recognized universities abroad as a part of our global initiatives expecting visiting faculty members coming to KUSOS as Invited Speakers that adds value to our education. KUSOS considers every student as unique and believes that you are capable to excel in the area of your interest, thus we have a Communication and Coordination Unit to facilitate you in this process to identify your potential. We have also identified Student Counselor, take time to meet him in case you wish to know more about adding bricks to your future plans! Numerous opportunities exist at your School (KUSOS) inside and outside of classrooms. You have known some at the orientation  and more at the Departmental Orientation.

Professor Subodh Sharma, Dr. nat. techn.

Dean, Kathmandu University School of Science (KUSOS), and

Professor Kanhaiya Jha, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Kathmandu University, School of Science.