This is to notify that Kathmandu University Robotics Club is going to organize a Robotics Competition on the title ‘Along the Way’ on IT Meet 2017 which is happening at January 20, 21, 22. The event is sponsored by Himalayan Solution. It is a competition on which the robot has to follow a black line with white background and has to clear the obstacles on the path. Participants are requested to fill in the online form by forming a team. A team can consist maximum of 3 participants. The entry fee for the competition is Rs. 999.

Link for Online Registration:

 Game details can be found at:

Please Contact Executive members for further information.


Game Description

The robots participating in the competition must follow the black line having white background clearing

the obstacle present in their path. Two robots are allowed to follow the black line simultaneously in the

similar track. Obstacle of weight less than 100 g will be placed in the path and the robot must clear the

obstacle automatically from the path. The robot with maximum points is considered as the winner.

Judging Criteria

1. The robot must follow the black line clearing the obstacles automatically located in the path within

5 minutes.

2. The robot is allowed to start over from the nearest check point if the robot goes out of the track.

3. Game is based on the pointing system.

i. Clearing the obstacle adds 50 points per obstacle.

ii. If the robot completes the task faster than the opponent, 100 points will be added.

iii. The operator can skip the obstacle and continue without clearing the obstacle if the attempt

of removing the obstacle fails within 30 seconds after reaching the checkpoint.

iv. If the robot stops automatically in the End point, 50 more points will be added.

4. 20 points will be deducted if the operator skips the obstacle.

Note: Any changes in the points will be informed before the game starts.


A. Robot

1. One robot per team.

2. External power supply cannot be used.

3. The minimum length and width of the bot is 10 cm and 10 cm respectively (Excluding the

length of the arm).

4. The robot must not be heavier than 4 kg.

B. Platform

1. Black path with white background.

2. The width of black track is 2.5 cm.

3. Consists of check points and obstacles in the path.

C. Obstacle

1. The maximum weight of obstacle is 100 gm.

2. The dimension of obstacle is 10 cm×10 cm×15 cm (l×b×h).

3. The obstacle can be at any place decided by the referee.

4. Color of the obstacle is white.

D. Check Points

1. There are 4 checkpoints outside the path.

2. Check points are marked by a black line.

E. Start/End Point

1. Start and end point is fixed of width not less than 4 cm.

F. Arm

1. The length should be less than 20 cm.

2. Arm should not be pointing forward before the game starts.


1. The robot must track the black line of width 2.5 cm clearing the obstacles automatically located in

the path.

2. The robot must clear the obstacle only with the help of an arm.

3. Any part of the robot should not destroy the game field.

4. Robot verification must be done.

5. The decisions made by the judges are treated as the final decision.

6. Only one member from a team can operate the robot.

7. The organizers reserve the right to change any of the rules if necessary.


1. Disobeying the instructions and/or warnings issued by the referees.

2. Performing any act that is not in the spirit of fair play.

3. Any robot not conforming to the specifications provided.

Further Information

Each team may have maximum of 3 members including Supervisor or Team Leader

Registration link:

Entry Fee: Rs. 999 only.


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