My research mainly focuses on "ICT in Education" and "High Performance Computing". And I work on following areas:

MOOC for Higher Education in Nepal

I am a project leader and principal investigator of this project. This project is funded by IDRC, Canada and administered by FIT-ED, Phillipines.

Cloud Computing

My research area in Cloud Computing is to explore more on load balancing algorihtms. I am also working on resource management in the cloud.

Cluster Computing

Python Beowulf Cluster is an experimental cluster established in HPC Lab @ Kathmandu University. We have 6 off-the-shelf commodity computers. And each of them is Pentium 4 with 2 GB RAM. We have installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system and installed mpi4py libraries. We have also installed OpenMPI library. We design and implement parallel algorithms for linear algebraic problems.

HPC in Cloud

HPC stands for High Performance Computing. HPC provides computing capabilities to solve complext problems. One of our main research areas is to explore the challenges and opportunities of importing HPC systems over the Cloud. MapReduce and Hadoop are our frameworks.

GPGPU Computing

So far we have only able to organized workshops and training in GPU programming. Professor Dr. Masatomo Inui from Ibaraki University has contributed lot of hours to teach us about GPU programming using CUDA. Currently we do not have any environment setup for GPU programming.