MS By Research under Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The MS by Research program of the department is intensive research oriented program. The duration of course is 2 years minimum for fulltime and 3 years minimum for part time studies. The enrollment is not possible without prior allocation of the supervisor and without supervisor agreeing to supervise the student. It is desirable that the results of the research of the student are published in the form of domestic or international conference or journal papers. The research outcome is finally judged by an evaluation committee on the recommendation from the supervisor and the degree is awarded if the committee is satisfied with the research outcome and the student has completed the courses satisfying minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) requirement.The courses in the MS by research program are not fixed and shall be taken by consulting with the supervisor.  Minimum 3courses of 3 credits must be taken. As the dissertation is the main component, the student shall focus mostly on the dissertation.  Moreover, no credits will be given on the dissertation. The status of dissertation evaluation can only be satisfactory, if satisfactory. The student may have to continue for longer duration if the results are not satisfactory. Applicants seeking admission in the MS by Research program must have Bachelors Degree in Electrical, Electronics, Electrical-and-Electronics, or other engineering disciplines, which can be relevant to the research area of interest of the supervisors. The candidates first shall contact the department and submit a research proposal. If there is a supervisor available and interested, the candidate can be recommended for admission by the supervisor. Candidates can also contact the department and discuss with the faculties for identification of research area and for possible admission.