Graduate Diploma in Higher Education


The proposed Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (Grad Dip in HE) program is designed to meet the pedagogical knowledge and skills requirement of teachers involved in University and college (henceforth Higher Education which is abbreviated as HE) teaching.  For the purpose of enabling HE teachers to facilitate the learning process and enhance the performance of students, this program provides participants with an opportunity to experience the interplay between theoretical insights and their context-specific use of pedagogical processes.  Moreover, this program provides an opportunity to teachers about the importance of learning (the primary importance) via teaching (the secondary importance).  It also raises several professional issues associated with educational processes enabling HE teachers in cultivating the linkage between classroom teaching and better student learning.

In its initial stage (until 3 cohorts), this 30-credit program is being made available to all faculties teaching at Kathmandu University and about one third of the cohort from other universities will also be accommodated.  Whilst taking lead in facilitating the course, Kathmandu University School of Education is implementing this program through seminar, on-line/distance education, and face-to-face modes.  

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