Bachelor of Fine Arts STUDIO ART

4 Years | 8 Semesters | Total 139 credits
BFA Foundation | 2years | 4 Semesters | 72credits
BFA Specialization | 2years | 4 Semesters | 67credits

After two years of exploratory studios in various areas of arts in the Foundation years, students motivated to start a career as professional artists opt for BFA Studio Art from 3RD Year onward. Throughout the Specialization years, the Studio Art provides an in-depth investigation and knowledge into the advanced level of drawing, painting and other forms of art practices. During this two years (four Semesters) of BFA Studio Art, students will be encouraged to explore different visual media to match their imagination. Students choose Illustration, Photography or Extra Traditional Art Practice as an Elective course. In the final semester, students work on their final independent projects to put a group show.


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