4 Years | 8 Semesters | Total 139 credits
BFA Foundation | 2years | 4 Semesters | 72credits
BFA Specialization | 2years | 4 Semesters | 67credits

After the two foundation years of exploratory art studios, students who wish to start a career as creative professionals in arts opt for BFA Graphic Communication from 3rd year onward. BFA Graphic Communication is designed for developing the clarity of concepts, strategies and responsibilities for powerful design sense. A larger focus is given to the development and production of various print-designs. Newly introduced Design Studio courses intend to provide experimental and exploratory approach towards other avenues of design industry. Students choose Illustration, Photography or Extra Traditional Art Practice as an Elective course. In the final semester, students work on their independent projects to put a group show and undertake internship professional organizations.


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