Tripartite MoU signed between KUSL, Dhulikhel Municipality, and MuAN

Published Date: 2018-03-04, Sunday


Tripartite MoU signed between KUSL, Dhulikhel Municipality, and MuAN to work jointly in the area of Law Making and Sub-National Governance at Local Level (March 4, 2018)

A Memorandum of Association (MoU) has been signed today between the Kathmandu University School of Law (KUSL), the Dhulikhel Municipality, and the Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) to work unitedly in the area of making law, legislation,and sub-national governance.

According to the MoU, the Dhulikhel Municipality, a rapidly-developing tourist center, will strive to emerge as a model local government in the country, and the KUSL will assist it in devising model laws and procedures to which the Municipality is entitled under Schedules 8 & 9 of the Constitution of Nepal. The MuAN will work with both entities and also introduce these models to all other municipal governments throughout the country. The objective of the arrangement is to come together to help implement the Constitution of Nepal, and its plans of federalization and devolution of power to the local level.

The new Constitution of Nepal enacted in September 2015federalizes the country on the basis of a three-tier federal system; it declares a commitment to protect andpromote social and cultural solidarity, tolerance and harmony, and unity in diversity by recognizing the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious, and multi-cultural regional characteristics unique to Nepal. The Constitution resolves to build an egalitarian society founded onthe proportional inclusive and participatory principles in order to ensure economicequality, prosperity, and social justice by eliminating discrimination based on class, caste,region, language, religion and gender and all forms of caste-based untouchability. I also enlist, among other things, some bold state policies for the growth and development of Nepal’s economy, industries, and commerce.

The School of Law operates an Economic Law and Sub-National Governance Clinic, supported by the Asia Foundation (TAF). The Clinic provides hands-on legal experiences to law school students such as through mock trials, law review and legislative drafting and services to various clients. The clinic will be mobilizing law students, faculties, and researchers to assist in making laws necessary for the government to achieve these goals at the local level.

The MoU also enables the law students of Kathmandu University to work as interns at Judicial Committee of the Dhulikhel Municipality and the offices and projects of Municipality Association of Nepal in the legal areas of mutual interests.

The MoU was signed by the KUSL Dean Dr. Bipin Adhikari, Mayor Mr. Ashok Kumar Byanju (Shrestha), and Executive Secretary of MuAN, Mr. Kalanidhi Devkota.

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