"The Chamber Under” bags Third prize at The BRAUIC University Student Architectural and Structural Design Competition, 2020

Published Date: 2020-11-08, Sunday


"The Chamber Under” bags Third prize at The BRAUIC University Student Architectural and Structural Design Competition, 2020

Third Year Architecture Students from the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture Program, secured the Third position in The BRAUIC University Student Architectural and Structural Design Competition, 2020, organized by Beijing University of Civil and Architecture, China in August 2020.

The third-place winning design, “The Chamber Under”, comprised the team members Sudipti Giri, Bidhya Gupta, Ilam Shrestha, Sansu Shrestha and Nandita Shrestha (and Pratiksha Bhusal as a guest participant), who participated in the competition under the theme of “Future Library in A Historical Urban Area”.

The Chamber Under

“The design is a conceptual library that revolves around the concept of coexistence; of past and future, of architecture and nature, of people of different natures. The library aims to welcome everyone irrespective of their differences what we believe is the need of the future”, mentioned one of the team members Ms. Sudipti Giri, about their design.

Another team from the department comprising Nisha Rana Magar, Sheela Karki, Kanchan Bastola, Kinjalk Neupane and Simran Piya (and Aditi Paudel, Prabesika Kharel as a guest participant) participated in the event under the title “Pustak Ghar”.

Pustak Ghar

"Pustak Ghar", Exterior

Pustak Ghar

"Pustak Ghar", Interior

Ms. Kanchan Bastola had the following to say about their design: “Inspired by the motto “Future follows nature”, the form connects air, water and land, the three major elements of nature evoking all the senses of visitors to experience the natural resplendence of the city. In an age where technology is quickly advancing, human connection with nature and other humans is being undermined. Our concept is enhancing human connection with nature and other humans, encouraging the multidimensional learning process. The features of the library including interactive spaces and the landscape embraces the essence of social and cultural premises. It will be a vital center for organizing and joining society being perceived not only as an information institution but also as a learning center (arts, music, vocational training etc.), and organizer of recreation and communication. At the moment while the purpose of the library is being questioned, we have envisioned a library that enriches our connection with nature and community.”

The third-place winner bagged 5000 Yuan (Pre-tax) and the event saw 50 teams from 18 universities from 7 different countries.

The designs were supervised by Ar. Buddha Shrestha and Ar. Aakash Bhochhibhoya.

Head of Department, Dr. Prachand Man Pradhan played a key role in coordinating and communicating with the organizing committee.

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