Mock Parliament Session 2023

Published Date: 2023-10-12, Thursday


Students of Kathmandu University School of Law (KUSoL) Successfully Conclude Mock Parliament Session 2023

In this dynamic Mock Parliament Session 2023, students of KUSoL showcased their legal acumen and an in-depth understanding of the nation's legislative process. The rigorous debates and in-depth discussions exemplified the commitment of KUSoL to nurturing the next generation of legal scholars and policymakers. As the event concluded successfully, it emphasized KUSoL's dedication to providing practical, hands-on experiences that prepare students for the complex challenges they will encounter in their future careers in the legal and political spheres. The Mock Parliament Session is a testament to KUSoL's commitment to academic excellence and experiential learning.

Category: News
Last Updated Date: 2023-11-05,Sunday
Published By: School of Law
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