Kathmandu University Hosts Interaction with UK Ambassador to Foster Academic Collaboration

Published Date: 2023-11-06, Monday


Kathmandu University (KU) recently organized an interaction session with H.E. Mr. Rob Fenn, the United Kingdom's ambassador to Nepal. The event, held at KU's Dhulikhel campus, centered on potential collaborations between KU and UK universities, with support from the British Embassy in Kathmandu.

Key figures in attendance included KU's founding Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, and founding Registrar, Professor Dr. Sitaram Adhikari, along with Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Bhola Thapa, and Registrar Professor Dr. Achyut Prasad Wagle, alongside deans, faculty, and staff.

Ambassador Fenn highlighted the enduring Nepal-UK relationship, emphasizing the role of academic collaboration and the UK's commitment to aiding Nepal's education system, especially in transnational education. He also commended KU's green energy strategy as aligning well with UK development initiatives in Nepal.

Vice-Chancellor Thapa underscored the significant impact of UK universities on Nepal's higher education system and stressed KU's role in adapting to a changing educational landscape with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Registrar Wagle spoke about an intellectual exchange between the UK and Nepal, urging greater collaboration tailored to Nepal's current educational needs.

Founding Vice-Chancellor Sharma recalled his early exchanges with British universities and discussed the future role the UK can play in Nepal's higher education.

Associate Professor Biraj Singh Thapa highlighted KU's innovative research addressing Nepal's developmental requirements and the university's commitment to sustainable economic transformation.

Ambassador Fenn also toured KU's laboratories and research centers to gain insights into ongoing research by faculty and students. This event marks a significant step towards fostering collaboration between KU and UK institutions to further strengthen Nepal's academic landscape.

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Last Updated Date: 2023-11-06,Monday
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