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Published Date: 2023-08-09, Wednesday


Kathmandu University School of Law (KUSOL) to Host International Conference on Federalism, Devolution of Power, and Inclusive Democracy in Nepal and Asia

Kathmandu University School of Law (KUSOL) is proud to announce its upcoming International Conference on Federalism, Devolution of Power, and Inclusive Democracy in Nepal and Asia. The conference is scheduled to take place on November 22-23, 2023, in the city of Kathmandu.

Federalism, as a governance model, has been gaining prominence around the world as a means to ensure equitable distribution of power and resources, enhance intergovernmental coordination, and promote inclusive democratic processes. Against this backdrop, KUSOL is convening a diverse array of constitutional experts, practitioners, researchers, policymakers, political parties, and civil society members from Nepal, South Asia, and the Asia Pacific region, bringing together approximately 100 participants for this landmark event.

The conference will revolve around three central themes:

Intergovernmental Coordination and Cooperation in Federal Systems: 

The conference will provide a platform to explore effective mechanisms for coordination and cooperation among various tiers of government within federal systems. Participants will engage in comprehensive discussions on sharing responsibilities, managing conflicts, and fostering collaboration for holistic governance.

Equitable Distribution of Fiscal and State Resources: 

Addressing the issue of resource allocation and distribution is crucial in ensuring balanced development across all regions. Attendees will delve into strategies for fair fiscal practices and optimal utilization of state resources to minimize disparities and promote sustainable growth.

Inclusion in Decentralized Governance: 

Inclusivity is at the core of democratic principles under the Constitution of Nepal, 2015. This theme will facilitate conversations on how to ensure marginalized voices are heard and included in decision-making processes within decentralized structures, fostering a truly representative and participatory democracy.

The conference is led by Prof. Bipin Adhikari as its convener, a scholar renowned for his expertise in constitutional law and governance.

KUSOL is grateful for the kind support extended by the Subnational Governance Program (SNGP) implemented by The Asia Foundation under a strategic partnership with The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The program shares the vision of advancing effective federal governance and inclusive democracy. Their partnership underscores the importance of such dialogues in addressing contemporary governance challenges.

The anticipated outcomes of this conference hold substantial significance, particularly in relation to the ongoing constitution implementation and consolidation process in Nepal. The insights generated and recommendations put forth during the event will contribute to shaping policies, refining practices, and enhancing the overall understanding of federalism, devolution of power, and inclusive democracy.

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To learn more about the conference and to register as a participant, please visit the official conference website:

Join us in Kathmandu for this exceptional opportunity to engage in dialogue, share insights, and contribute to the advancement of federalism, devolution of power, and inclusive democracy.

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