"Hermod Brekke Sand Erosion Endowment Fund" established at KU

Published Date: 2024-03-06, Wednesday


An agreement was signed today (March 6, 2024) for the establishment of "Hermod Brekke Sand Erosion Endowment Fund" agreement. The fund, initiated by the Turbine Testing Lab (TTL) at KU, amounted to Rs. 10,35,300, aims to support the salary and stipends of the researchers including MS and Ph.D scholars.

The agreement was signed at the Office of the Vice Chancellor in the presence of the Vice Chancellor, Deans of the School of Engineering and School of Science, and some senior officials. Dr. Sailesh Chitrakar, Faculty Incharge of TTL, and Prof. Dr. Bipin Adhikari, Coordinator, Endowment Drive Committee, officiated the signing ceremony.

During the event, Dr. Chitrakar shared the naming of the endowment fund after ‘Prof. Hermod Brekke’, highlighting his invaluable contributions to the field of sand erosion in hydropower turbines. He also shared his intent on using the proceeds of the endowment fund to support the salaries/stipends of the researchers, as well as MS/Ph.D. students (including their administrative costs), as needed in the future. He expressed his hope that the fund will be instrumental during instances when extensions of research periods may result in not covering scholars' finance fully.

Prof. Dr. Bipin Adhikari, Coordinator of the Endowment Drive Committee, commended the efforts in mobilizing the endowment fund at KU, emphasizing the need for continued momentum in this endeavor. He praised the establishment of internal endowment funds like the "Hermod Brekke Sand Erosion Endowment Fund," acknowledging their dual role in honoring distinguished individuals associated with KU and promoting research excellence.

Reflecting on Prof. Hermod Brekke's profound influence, Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa, Vice Chancellor of KU, paid tribute to his mentorship and pioneering work in the hydropower energy sector and his pivotal role in the establishment of TTL. He highlighted Prof. Brekke as the individual who first identified the effects of sand erosion on turbines and noted how his ideas have inspired numerous scholars at KU and across Nepal to further the research to advance their academic pursuits. He urged officials to leverage their networks to expedite the mobilization of endowment funds, ensuring sustained support for research initiatives at the university.

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Last Updated Date: 2024-03-06,Wednesday
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