First National Biotechnology Conference at Kathmandu University

Published Date: 2023-04-09, Sunday


The first-ever national-level conference in biotechnology, the National Biotechnology Conference 2023, is set to take place at Kathmandu University with the theme of “Challenges and Prospects of Biotechnology in Nepal”. The conference is being hosted by the department of Biotechnology on 11th and 12th of May, 2023. Chairing this event is Prof. Dr. Janardan Lamichhane, dean of school of Science of Kathmandu University. The conference aims to address the current standing, progress and the setbacks of Nepal in the field of biotechnology.

The conference provides a platform for individuals to showcase their research, network with peers, and collaborate with others working in this field. This is an important event that brings together scholars, researchers, and professionals from the field of life sciences to discuss and exchange ideas on set themes and sub-topics. The topics being discussed include bioinformatics, forensics science, pharmaceutical and medical Biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, food and industrial biotechnology, among many others. The conference is designed to bridge the gap between the potential and the performance of biotechnology in Nepal by connecting the academia of different disciplines with its industrial counterparts.

All the students of life science (including but not limited to biotechnology, microbiology, food technology, agriculture, forestry, biochemistry) are encouraged to participate in the event. Further, researchers and professionals working in this field are cordially invited to attend the conference. Please visit the website for more information.

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Last Updated Date: 2023-04-09,Sunday
Published By: School of Science, Department of Biotechnology