Enhancing Practical Skills through Network Design and IP Routing Workshop for BBIS Students

Published Date: 2024-06-19, Wednesday


The Department of Management Informatics and Communication (DoMIC) at Kathmandu University, School of Management recently conducted an intensive "Network Design and IP Routing Workshop" for the Bachelor of Business Information Systems (BBIS) students. Held on June 18, 2024, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., this workshop aimed to equip participants with essential networking skills, combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience. The Department is always committed to providing students with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the ever-evolving field of information technology.

Workshop Overview:

The workshop, organized in the Computer Lab of the department, was meticulously coordinated by Mr. Narayan Prasad Niroula. It began with a brief introduction to the workshop's objectives and importance, setting a collaborative and focused tone for the event. The workshop was divided into several key segments, each focusing on different aspects of networking. The training sessions were conducted by Mr. Prakash Poudyal and Mr. Bibas Neupane, the seasoned professionals in the field of computers.

 A 15-minute tea break was included, allowing participants, trainers, and the training coordinator to relax and interact informally, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Key Highlights:

  1. Cable Connection and Crimping: Under the guidance of lab technician Mr. Bibas Neupane, students learned the intricate process of connecting Cat6 cables to RJ45 connectors using crimping tools. They also gained knowledge about the correct color combinations for wiring, ensuring that they could effectively create functional network cables. The participants then tested their cables to verify their success, laying a foundational skill for network setup and maintenance.

  1. Network Design in Cisco Packet Tracer: The core of the workshop was the network design session led by trainer Mr. Prakash Poudyal. Students were introduced to Cisco Packet Tracer, a powerful simulation tool used for network design and testing. They worked on a practical scenario involving one PC, one laptop, one router, and two switches. Participants assigned IP addresses to each component and tested the network setup by pinging devices and sending/receiving messages, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how IP routing functions in a real-world environment.

  1. Understanding IP Addresses: The workshop also covered the fundamentals of IP addressing. Students explored how IP addresses work, identified the IP address of Google, and examined the IP addresses of their homes to google and the Kathmandu University network to google. This segment provided a broader context and enhanced their understanding of global and local network structures.

Certification and Recognition:

To acknowledge their participation and newly acquired skills, students were awarded certificates at the end of the workshop. The certificates, along with the event's promotional flex, were designed by Mr. Prashant Karki, a BBIS student in his third year, second semester. His contributions added a professional touch to the workshop’s presentation and branding.

Participation and Engagement:

A total of 38 students actively participated in the workshop, demonstrating a strong interest in enhancing their practical networking skills. Their enthusiastic engagement throughout the session was a testament to the workshop's effectiveness and relevance.


The Network Design and IP Routing Workshop organized by DoMIC was a resounding success, offering BBIS students an invaluable opportunity to develop practical networking skills. By bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, the workshop prepared participants to tackle real-world networking challenges with confidence and competence. Events like these underscore the department's commitment to providing a comprehensive and industry-relevant education, ensuring that students are well-equipped for their future careers in information systems and technology.

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