Dr. Ajaya Kumar Jha Appointed to Prestigious Hemato-Oncology Chair at Kathmandu University

Published Date: 2024-06-25, Tuesday


In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the fields of hematology and pediatric oncology, Dr. Ajaya Kumar, DM Jha has been awarded the 'Kathmandu University Chair Position of Hemato Oncology.' This honor was conferred following the approval of the 719th meeting of the Kathmandu University Executive Council, upon the recommendation of the Deans of the School of Science and the School of Medical Sciences, as per the Chair Position guidelines of 2021.

Dr. Jha, a Senior Consultant in Hematology and Pediatric Oncology, will hold this honorary position at the Nepal Technology Innovation Center (NTIC) from June 25, 2024, to June 24, 2025. This appointment not only recognizes Dr. Jha's significant contributions to medical science but also aims to foster further advancements in hemato-oncology through his expertise and leadership.

Kathmandu University's decision to confer this prestigious chair position on Dr. Jha highlights the institution's commitment to excellence and innovation in medical sciences. The University looks forward to a fruitful collaboration with Dr. Jha, whose work continues to have a profound impact on patient care and medical research in Nepal.

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Last Updated Date: 2024-06-25,Tuesday
Published By: Kathmandu University