Definitive Agreement signed with MCOMS, Pokhara, and the COMS, Chitwan to introduce the Bachelor of Yogic Science and Wellbeing program

Published Date: 2024-06-21, Friday


The discipline of Yogic Science is gaining global interest, but academic programs are limited, especially in Nepal where teaching is mostly through non-academic courses. To address this, Kathmandu University launched a Bachelor in Yogic Science and Wellbeing program in 2022. This program aims to bridge the gap between yogic science and medical sciences, contribute to knowledge through research, and integrate the study of yoga's history, theory, philosophy, practice, and methodology. The curriculum combines elements of physiology and neuroscience with traditional yogic teachings to align ancient knowledge with modern scientific discoveries.

Following the successful introduction of the program at KU, it was also launched in India in 2023, in collaboration with the Sri Vishweswara Yoga Research Institute. To mark the International Day of Yoga, 2024, Definitive Agreements were signed today between Kathmandu University and both the Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara and the College of Medical Sciences, Chitwan to introduce the Bachelor of Yogic Science and Wellbeing programs at these colleges. The signing of the agreements was done amidst the International Yoga Day program held at the central campus in Dhulikhel. The event was attended by the founding Vice Chancellor, the current Vice Chancellor, the Registrar of and several other senior officials of Kathmandu University and the respective medical colleges.

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Last Updated Date: 2024-06-21,Friday
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