A talk program by Prof. Dr. Magne Jorgensen’s team from Scienta, Norway

Published Date: 2023-12-03, Sunday


The talk was given by Nils Christian Haugen, consultant at Scienta on “Exposing magic - how do neural networks actually work?” and followed by Stein Grimstad, Ph.D. Consultant at Scienta. Previously a guest professor at Kathmandu University on “How smart architectural choices can increase software development productivity?”. The invite guest were Master and Ph.D students along with faculty members of Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In concluding the event, Dr. Bal Krishna Bal, Head of the department, extended his appreciation with a vote of thanks to all the Professors from Scienta Norway. The program was facilitated by Dr. Prakash Poudyal.

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Last Updated Date: 2023-12-03,Sunday
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