Kathmandu University Directorate of Research, Development and Consultancy

Message from the Immediate Past Director

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Hope comes only after an advancement, and advancement comes only when a large number of faculty members work subodhsircollaboratively supported by state of the art laboratories in research. The main challenge for us in promoting research at Kathmandu University is creating and maintaining an environment that facilitates research, and this can only be met by providing adequate working space for the faculty and building research laboratories or research centers where resources are shared and services are based on state of the art infrastructure. Through involvement of great minds of Kathmandu University and with extraordinary team of scientists, managers, artists, lawyers and educationists, I am certain that we will emerge out rapidly and achieve our mission of becoming a   ‘teaching cum research’ university soon!

Prof. Subodh Sharma, Dr. nat. techn.

Immediate Past Director



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