Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics


Mathematics is the rigorous study of structure and relationship. As such, it is fundamental to all of the sciences and Engineering, as well as being an intellectually challenging and fulfilling field of science in its own right. It trains students in analytical thinking and courses are offered with applications to natural as well as social sciences. Mathematics and computing are intertwined, and affect people’s lives in ways one might not expect. Mathematics is a driving force behind many of today’s advancement in Medicine, Economics, Business and Science & Technology. The solid mathematical knowledge and computational skills you acquire at KU will give a
competitive edge in a wide variety of careers and prepare you to contribute to the next generation of
Keeping this essentiality, KU has launched B.Sc. in Mathematics with specialization in Computer in 1999
and as a continuation of this program; KU is starting  the B.Sc. in Computational Mathematics (FourYear Program) with updated structure for the first time in South Asia. It is a degree which prepares a student for either direct employment in software industries after graduation, as well as pursuing higher studies in mathematics or in IT sectors.


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