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BSc (Bio), MSc (Botany), PhD (Phytochemistry)

Email: gyawali@ku.edu.np
Associate Professor     Tel: +977-11-661399/661511  


Dr. Gyawali obtained MSc (Botany) in 2000 from Central Department of Botany, Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal. He received his PhD in 2007 from Chosun University, Republic of Korea, under the fellowship of Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF), Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea. He joined Department of Pharmacy in July, 2008.

Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Natural Product


The major research themes ongoing in his group revolve around the therapeutic evaluation of traditional medicine, extraction, fractionation, characterization, and identification of bioactive secondary metabolites from medicinal plants. He is also interested on characterization of essential oil constituents using GC/MS.  In order to contribute to the discovery of natural products, he has been working on the natural product chemistry, multi sectoral link with pharmacognosy and food supplements.


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