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Vice Chancellor's Speech to the Opening Ceremony of ICDRET'18

editorial | 29 March, 2018 15:56

"There is gold in our water, wind and sun. Delaying its usage doesn’t store it for future. What we lose today, we just lose it forever. Let us communicate this to all. Every single day of delay is nothing but a loss to all. Let us care more about who will benefit with our efforts than worry about who will own it. Let us not just think what we will gain with an endeavor, but also focus on what we are losing by not going for it. I would like to urge all -- the academia, private sector, public sector, government, donors and other national and international stakeholders -- to have new lens to the opportunities that lie on our table. Our future generation will not blame us for the things that we attempted and failed. They will feel shame for the things that we never attempted despite having a chance."

Full Text of the Speech

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