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Notice about Leave Utilization

editorial | 14 May, 2015 05:50

राष्ट्रिय विपत्तिको असामान्य स्थितिमा १४ मे २०१५ देखि १ महिना वर्षे बिदा हुने सूचना जारी भैसकेको सन्दर्भमा विश्‍वविद्यालयले दिएको सेवा शर्तमा घर बिदा उपभोग गरिरहनुभएका विभागीय प्रमुख, कोअर्डिनेटर, वार्डेन एवं कर्मचारीहरूमध्ये कसैले यो वर्ष २०७२ सालमा आफूले पाउने घरबिदाको सट्टा यो ३० दिन बिदा लिन चाहेमा आ-आफ्नो प्रमुखबाट स्वीकृत गराई बिदा बस्न सकिने विशेष व्यवश्था गरिएको ब्यहोरा सम्पूर्ण शिक्षक तथा कर्मचारीहरूलाई जानकारी गराइन्छ ।





Urgent Notice on Summer Break

editorial | 13 May, 2015 13:25

राष्‍ट्रिय विपत्तिको यो घडीमा संभावित भूकम्पीय पराकम्पनलाई मध्यनजर गर्दै विश्‍वविद्यालयको मौजुदा Academic Calendar लाई पछि reschedule गर्ने गरी  14 May 2015 देखि 13 June 2015 सम्म वर्षे बिदा दिइने निर्णय भएको व्यहोरा जानकारी गराइन्छ ।

वर्षे बिदा पछि शुरु हुने पठनपाठनको आवश्यक पूर्व तयारी गर्न एवं भौतिक संरचनाहरूको पुनर्निर्माण एवं वैकल्पिक व्यवस्थामा जुट्न सम्पूर्ण पदाधिकारी र कर्मचारीहरूलाई विशेष अनुरोध गरिन्छ ।




Idea Call for Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

isms | 08 May, 2015 11:51

Kathmandu University Business Incubation Center (KUBIC) expresses grief for the national Earthquake disaster of 25 April 2015. There is no way to remunerate the lives we have lost, but we can surely prepare to restore an earthquake-damaged community to serve towards national development. KUBIC has been supporting several innovative ideas until now, and is optimistic to contribute in this difficult time by encouraging hopes from aspiring entrepreneurs.

KUBIC invites business ideas to encourage the students/researchers/faculties/graduates from Kathmandu University to take up entrepreneurship as an alternative to offer service for EQ relief activities. KUBIC is inviting all ideas specific to Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction work. The main objective of this idea call is to

  • Help access expertise and other resources which will expand the options for rehabilitation and normalize the community livelihood
  • Strengthen local entrepreneurship by identifying available opportunities and skills from KU

The fundamental focus of this effort is to facilitate entrepreneurship-centered, community driven rehabilitation and development processes for EQ sufferers/victims. The idea should also consider to include EQ-affected area/community as equal partners in the rehabilitation.

The idea should mainly incorporate following subjects:

  1. Rehabilitation and reconstruction of urban and rural houses (land use options, urban/rural planning and design etc.)
  2.  Health and sanitation

To submit your idea, click on the link below, fill out the form and send us: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1a50rHx79IpaggJYJLl41Vh42b8HeSPL5m3vNXhi-79w/viewform

Deadline for idea submission: 24 May, 2015.

Selected ideas will be requested for further discussion and arrangements according to the rules of KUBIC.


For any confusion/query contact us on


Kathmandu University

Dhulikhel, Kavre



Notice for Faculty and Staffs

isms | 08 May, 2015 09:34

Review Meeting Held

editorial | 07 May, 2015 12:39

A post-disaster review meeting of KU office bearers led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ram Kantha Makaju Shrestha and Registrar Prof. Dr. Bhola Thapa  was held on 1 May 2015 in KUSOM complex. 

According to Prof. Shrestha, the University is working to save lives of affected people who have been rescued and brought to Dhulikhel Hospital KU Hospital. We are treating them, taking their care and catering to their basic needs in rehabilitation, said Prof. Shrestha. He also highlighted the need to to work towards their settlement. This, naturally, would come side by side with resuming the University's academic activities as early as possible.

Prof. Thapa briefed about the activities of different units in KU. Emphasizing on working collaboratively, he stated that KU has been doing these activities to accomplish social responsibility. Among others, he also provided example of the invovlement of KUTechnical Training Centre, which has been building toilets and beds. The Centre has aimed to construct 100 shelters for the victims, some of which will be provided to the families of staffs and facutlies whose residences have been completely damaged by the earthquake.

Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey, Associate Dean, SoE, and Dr. Prachanda Man Pradhan, along with other members of Inspection and Reporting of Structural Damages presented initial findings of building inspection. The preliminary report showed that most of the infrastructures are structurally safe but are in need of repair and maintenance. A final report of the study will be presented in the next review meeting.

Prof. Dr. Kanhaiya Jha, Director of Student Welfare, informed how the Student Welfare Directorate manged students in Central Campus during the first 72 hours of panic and confusion. According to him, the students who were in festive mood of impending sports week had to be redirected to relief activities and that it was somehow a tough job.

The meeting also discussed the possibility of resuming classes as early as possible. However, a decision on when and how to start academic programs in a full-fledged way, which every office-bearer agreed, could be reached after a detailed plan of action on repair, maintenance and relocation after the recommendation of the damage assessment team. Meanwhile, the University offices would remain open and relief activities continued with the involvement of more and more staffs and students.

Fee Clearance Date Extended: Undergraduate

isms | 07 May, 2015 12:37

DoEEE Notice about Resuming Regular Classes

editorial | 07 May, 2015 10:50


The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (DoEEE) is working hard to get back to normal in the difficult situation caused by the April 25 earthquake.

This is to notify all DoEEE Undergraduate students that the regular classes will resume from 15 May 2015, Friday.

Final year students are requested to use this time for relief activities, which can be documented and credited equivalent to internship. However, the evaluation will be based on the depth of work done by individual students during 25 April to 14 May 2015.

All other DoEEE students are requested to participate in different relief activities from their side before May 15.



Head of Department

Dated: 7 May 2015

Volunteer Updates

editorial | 06 May, 2015 11:35

The Communication Desk has started a blog to document and bring to notice all relief activities by KU, inlcuding volunteering by students of different Schools and programs.

Please visit kuvolunteers.blogspot.com and send any updates from your School/Department to editorial.isms@ku.edu.np.

Also, visit http://www.dhulikhelhospital.org/ for the updates by Dhulikhel Hospital.

Notice of SOED

isms | 05 May, 2015 13:07

KU School of Education (SOED) is trying to resume the classes as early as possible. The joint meeting of SOED and SOA staff and faculty on 30 April 2015 decided that we shall postpone classes until the 10th of May and keeping the Schools' Administration open on working days. Subsequently, the meeting with VC and Registrar on 1 May 2015 has given us a quick overview of the status of buildings in Hattiban. We are looking for places to run the classes. We hope to make necessary arrangements by the middle of this week and send notices out to all students about the date of the resumption of classes.  

Resumption of Regular Programs

editorial | 30 April, 2015 15:08

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यस विश्वविद्यालयका सम्पूर्ण नियमित कार्यक्रमहरु यही २०७२ बैशाख २२ गते मंगलबारदेखि सूचारु गर्ने गराउने व्यवस्थाका लागि सबै स्कुलका डीनज्यूहरु र परीक्षा नियन्त्रकज्यूले तत्सम्बन्धी आवश्यक पूर्व तयारी गर्नुहुन यो सूचना प्रकाशित गरिएको छ ।



डा.भोला थापा


Functional Teams to Normalize Post-Earthquake Situation

isms | 29 April, 2015 15:22

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The University is seriously working to normalize the condition in-house so that academic activities can be resumed at the earliest. A meeting of Policy Coordination Committee held on 29 April 2015 has formed eight different functional teams to ensure starting usual activities from 5 May 2015.

1.      Inspection and Reporting  of Structural Damages

a)      Prof. Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey (9801210039)

b)      Dr. Prachanda Man Pradhan (9851049174)

c)      Mr. Anjani Koirala

d)      Mr. Shyam Sundar Khadka

e)      Mr. Ramesh Adhikary

2.      Communication and Circulars

a)      Mr. Hem Raj Kafle (9801670057)

b)      Mr. Khagendra Acharya (9841396922)

3.      Survey of the Status of Staff and Students and Their Kin

a)      Mr. Ramananda Mishra (9841738490)

b)      Ms. Jyoti Pradhan  

4.      Assessment and Costing of Repair and Maintenance

a)      Mr. Laxman Khadka

b)      Mr. Rajendra Hada

5.      Mobilization of Volunteers

a)      Prof. Dr. Kanhaiya Jha (9801210009)

b)      Dr. Dhurba Gauchan 

c)      Mr. Diwakar Bista

d)      Mr. Sushil Shrestha

6.      Resource Generation

a)      Prof. Dr. Sanjaya Nath Khanal (9801210010)

b)      Mr. Kumar Baral

c)      Mr. Sabin Pant

7.      Supply and Transportation

a)      Mr. Nabhendra Paudel (9801210014)

b)      Mr. Mahendra Niraula (9801210021)

8.      Help Desk

a)      Mr. Damodar Ghimire – Main Campus (9751009242)

b)      Mr. Megh Raj Shakya, School of Management (9841332462)

c)      Mr. Padam Karki, School of Arts (9841457200)

d)      Mr. Padam Pant, School of Education (9851136092)

Status of Staff and Students

editorial | 29 April, 2015 15:14

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The University is documenting the status of the faculties, staff and students after the earthquake. Please notify the following persons any genuine case of loss or damage and the nature of relief needed.

Mr. Ramananda Mishra (9841332462, rnmishra@ku.edu.np)

Ms. Jyoti Pradhan (9801210032, jyotipradhan@ku.edu.np)

Urgent: Postponement of Regular Activities

isms | 27 April, 2015 16:16

यही २०७२ बैशाख १२ गते शनिबार गएको भूकम्पको कारण आएको विपद परिश्थितिमा विश्वविद्यालयको पठनपाठन तथा परीक्षा सम्वन्धित कार्यक्रमहरू सञ्चालन गर्न अनुकुल नभएकोले अर्को सूचना नआउञ्जेलसम्मका लागि उक्त कार्यक्रमहरू स्थगित गरिएको ब्यहोरा सम्वन्धित सबैका लागि जानकारी गराइन्छ ।

हिउँदे तथा वर्षे विदा प्राप्त गर्ने शिक्षकहरू बाहेक अन्य शिक्षक तथा कर्मचारीहरूले विश्वविद्यालयको व्यबश्थापनमा आवश्यक सहयोग गरीदिनुहुन  विनम्र अनुरोध गरिन्छ । साथै आ-आफ्नो अनुकुल हुने गरी भूकम्प पिडितहरूलाई आवश्यक मानवीय सहयोग पुर्‍याउन हुन सम्पूर्ण शिक्षक, कर्मचारी र विद्यार्थीहरूलाई आव्हान गरिन्छ । 





HMU Initiates Interdisciplinary Discussion Series

isms | 24 April, 2015 20:25

The Humanities and Management Unit (HMU), School of Engineering, initiated Interdisciplinary Discussion Series (IDS) on 23 April 2015, Thursday

Mr. Khagendra Acharya, Assistant Professor of English in  the Unit, led the inaugural session on "Trauma: Directions in Research." Faculties from different departments and programs participated in the discussion.

IDS has the main objective of fostering the culture of interdisciplinary sharing inside the University, for which scholars from diverse disciplines and specialization areas are invited to lead intellectual discussion sessions on common interest topics every Thursday

Mr. Duwadi Speaks in an International Conference

editorial | 24 April, 2015 12:58

Mr. Eak Prasad Duwadi, an Assistant Professor of English​ at the Humanities and Management Unit,​ chaired a paper entitled "​Digital Humanities,” and gave valedictory remarks on 'Latest Trends in English Studies and Researches' at an international conference held on 21 April 2015 in SGM College, Karad, Maharastra, India.

He also delivered a talk on 'Listening Skills for Communicating Effectively in Teams' on 22 April 2015 at a symposium organized by Y. C. Institute of Science, Satara. His paper highlighted some of the skills required to thrive as 21st century professionals.



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