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Academic Programs

The department of Mechanical Engineering offers following undergraduate and graduate programs.



A 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

This program is designed to produce mechanical engineers with strong technical knowledge, engineering projects handling techniques and as needed to the Nepalese industrial and technological market. The program in the first year consists of common inter-disciplinary foundation courses together with problem oriented project courses. In the second, third and fourth year of the program, intensive courses in the field of general Mechanical Engineering are offered.

The declared intention of Kathmandu University is to produce the Mechanical Engineering Graduates who are not only theoretically knowledgeable but also have a sound practical base. Hence, Engineering Projects are undertaken each year to extend the student's academic and practical development.

For details of undergraduate program courses, CLICK HERE.

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, B.E. (Full Time, 4 Years)

From the academic year 2015, the Department channelizes its offered courses into 4 major subdivisions- Automobile, Design & Manufacturing, Energy Technology and Hydropower based upon the available resources and faculty strength. This will also increase the number of intake from 60 to 120, with the vision of producing calibre graduate with specialization knowledge.

This step is going to substantiate degree of the prospective students who will be graduating as a Mechanical Engineer with skill and proficiency in one of the 4 core areas.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the expansion program in B.E. in Mechanical Engineering.

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering (subdivision)

Graduate Programs

This program is designed to produce engineers with strong foundation and advance knowledge in the areas of Engineering Design, Energy and maintenance, keeping particular needs of Nepalese Industries, research and development activities in mind. Research and practical skill are encouraged through project and dissertation work.

For details on program and description of all the subjects offered at Graduate Program, CLICK HERE

Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, M.E. (Full Time, 2 Years)

Master Program in Planning and Operation of Energy Systems (MPPOES)

The Master program in Planning and Operation of Energy Systems (MPPOES) is an ongoing international graduate program at Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The course is designed and targeted for professionals from national and international arena who want to have a career in energy sector in its areas of planning and operations. The department has tie-up with foreign universities and students are sent to one of these universities on merit basis. There too is provision of scholarships and assistantship for competitive students.

For details on program and description of all the subjects offered at MPPOES Program, CLICK HERE

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