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Guidelines for Referees

Please use this sheet as a guide to assist you in formulating your comments on the referee evaluation sheet. Your comments will assist the author when revising the manuscript.

  • Does the subject fall within the general scope of the journal?
  • Is this a new and original contribution? (For review articles this need not necessarily apply)
  • Are interpretations and conclusions sound, justified by the data and consistent with the objectives?

If the answers to any of the above three points are negative, please give clear arguments for rejection of the paper on the following referee evaluation sheet. If the answers to the above three points are positive, then please continue with the following. 

  • Does the title clearly reflect the contents?
  • Is the abstract sufficiently informative, especially when read in isolation?
  • Are appropriate keywords given?
  • Is the description of materials and methods sufficiently informative?
  • Are the results and conclusions clearly presented?
  • Is the organisation of the article satisfactory (e.g. no discussion in results)?
  • Are the figures and tables all necessary, complete (e.g. titles) and clearly presented?
  • Are the references adequate?
  • Is the English correct and understandable to a trans-disciplinary readership?

Referee evaluation sheet



Please encircle the option of your choice and specify your choice below.

            1.  This manuscript is acceptable in its present form

            2.  This manuscript will be acceptable after minor revision

            3.  This manuscript will be acceptable after moderate revision

            4.  This manuscript will be reconsidered after major revision

            5.  This manuscript is not acceptable for publication

            6.   .


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