About Aavishkar

Aavishkar is a platform for young makers, students and hackers to showcase their talent in the field of robotics. It is the yearly event of Kathmandu University Robotics Club (KURC) with different themes and competitions. It is all about motivating the enthusiastic youngster of Nepal for the upliftment of their interest and skills in the field of robotics.

This year Aavishkar 17 will be focusing on the events that can develop and strength the knowledge related to Robotics and Automation. So, There will be some pre events and two main events with a side event on the day of main event.

This year as a main event we have Enigma: Finding the Way and Hardware Hackathon.

Enigma: Finding the Way

Enigma: Finding the way is an Automatic Robotics competition under the event Aavishkar 17. It is an inter college Robotics Competition. Robots participating in this competition needs to carry the Gem from the Gem Zone and reach the destination decoding the patterns drawn in the path and getting out of the cave with one door open. Details on Enigma Finding the Way: http://ku.edu.np/kurc/index.php/enigma-finding-the-way-game-description/

Registration link: http://bit.ly/enigma_finding_the_way

Hardware Hackathon

This is also one of the main event of Aavishkar 17. It is an open hardware competition where participants from any colleges can participate. The competition begins with the online registration of the team. The participants can build the product and one day before the event, we will organize a 12-hour Hackathon during which they can finalize the product and make presentation. On the main day, they will be judged by the presentation and product.

Stay tuned for registration and details.

Mini drone Racing

This is one of the main attraction of this year’s event. Anyone can participate in this racing game where two opponents will compete to fly the provided mini drones over the specified distance and is specially targeted to visitor. The person completing on shortest time will be the winner.

Note: Participants (Specially targeted to visitor) will be provided with mini drones at the time of game play and registration will be done on the same day.


As a pre event we have Line follower training, Tech Girls, Aavishkar Workshop and many more.

Line Follower Training

This year, KURC plans to organize the training to the beginners in robotics. The main aim of this program is to give them knowledge, build their confidence and have at least 2 teams from the trainees competing in Aavishkar 17. The main contents of the training will be building a bot which follows a black line and the main targets are students from KU, KUHS and other colleges of Kavre.

Tech Girls

It is an event targeting the undergraduate level girls in KU to empower them in the field of technology, robotics and entrepreneurship. This program will be conducted by experienced senior undergraduate students (girls) of KU. It will be a week-long event which consist of Arduino training, learning about sensors, computer troubleshooting and a talk program on entrepreneurship and engineering by a woman.

This details of the event can be seen here.

Aavishkar Workshop

The main aim of this program is to know the difficulties of participants and solve them. The participants may be facing problems in reading bit pattern, carrying the gem, getting out of cave and other. The main audience of this workshop are the participants of the main event Enigma.

And many more (3D Printer workshop, Basic Training on Robotics, etc. depending on the time and requirement.


Note: If you want to sponsor us for pre events and main Events please feel free to contact us at: kurc@ku.edu.np