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For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to innovate, we learned to think and we came to this age of innovation. Still we have a lot to go and still we have lot to innovate. For innovation to take place, a platform is needed. Kathmandu University Robotics Club provides with the platform and technical support to young enthusiastic innovators to unleash their capability.

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Who we are

We are mostly undergraduate and graduate students in science and engineering who are interested in robotics.


Our group involves in various robotics projects and provides platform and support for members to involve in projects and robotics competition.

What we do

We organize robotics workshops, arduino training and provide platform to the members.

List of Projects and Project Members

Following members of Kathmandu University have been selected for the projects of Kathmandu University: Line Follower Robot S.N. Name Department 1. Basista Basnet (Leader) ME 2. Santosh Thapa Magar ME 3. Dipesh Yadav EE 4. Abhisekh Neupane 5. Vijan Bhandari ME 6. Manoj Mali ME   Automatic Fighting Bot 1 Rajiv Rasaili (Leader) EE 2 […]

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KURC Conducted Line Following Robot Training at KUHS

Kathmandu University Robotics Club conducted a 2 day training on ‘Line Following Robot’ to the students of Kathmandu University High School on . 16 students from KUHS participated in the event making total 8 teams each of 2 students. The event was sponsored by Himalayan Solution.   The first day consisted of basic overview of […]

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Congratulations to the winners of Along The Way

KURC conducted a two day competition ‘Along The Way‘ an automatic robotics competition where the bot should follow a black line and remove the obstacles on the path. We would like to congratulate the winners of the competition. Winner: Team Photon Members: Utkal Sanjel Jaya Ghimire Ranjai Baidya 1st Runner Up: Team Hello World Members: […]

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General and Executive Membership Result Published

From a series of tasks and interviews of about 100 people following people have been selected as the General and Executive Members of Kathmandu University Robotics Club for 2017.   Executive Members SN Name Department Year 1 Amar Duwal EE II 2 Rajiv Rasaili EE II 3 Basista Basnet ME I 4 Prabin Dhakal ME […]

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KURC to Organize Robotics Competition ‘Along The Way’

This is to notify that Kathmandu University Robotics Club is going to organize a Robotics Competition on the title ‘Along the Way’ on IT Meet 2017 which is happening at January 20, 21, 22. The event is sponsored by Himalayan Solution. It is a competition on which the robot has to follow a black line […]

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