International Conference on
Plasma Science and Applications

22-24 September, 2014
Kathmandu, Nepal

Registration and Fees


The ICPSA2014 is a self-supported activity, and as such, all conference participants and speakers are required to cover their own travel, accommodation and the conference registration fee expenses.

Participants and speakers, upon acceptance of your abstracts or acceptance of our invitation to be a speaker at the ICPSA2014, please login to make payment of conference registration fees before 15 July 2014 .


Registration Fee: US$ 200

(Note: Partial support on registration fee may be provided to few deserving local participants)

The fees cover:


  • the conference package (including the Book of Abstracts),

  • lunch and tea breaks during the conference,

  • the conference banquet, and

  • free participation in “Numerical Experiment Workshop on Plasma Focus” to be conducted by Prof. Lee Sing and Prof. Sor Heoh Saw.


Payment is to be done by sending the Registration Fee to the Conference account. The necessary information about the account (Account Number, Name, Swift Code, etc.) will be emailed after the necessary personal information required for Registration are submitted.


A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt of payment.



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