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The Humanities and Management Unit (HMU) is an integrated, academic division within the School of Engineering identical in function as other departments in Kathmandu University. HMU monitors the existing humanistic and management-related courses, and runs the Bachelor of Business Information System (BBIS) program at the University’s central campus, Dhulikhel.
The Unit currently has the following two dimensions:
  • Humanities — Technical and Academic Writing, Professional Ethics
  • Management — Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship

Humanistic Orientation

The humanistic aspect of HMU includes the existing two courses in Communication Skills – ENGT 101(2 credits) and ENGT 102 (2 credits). The courses blend humanistic and technical approaches to building students’ competence in the fundamental skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW). The courses ensure students’ orientation to the real-world challenges of technical communication within and across science, technology and industry. The syllabi stress exposure to critical and creative thinking practices, oral presentations, research and documentation systems, technical proposals and reports and business communications, among others.

Management Orientation

The management orientation of HMU involves two aspects. The first involves running the BBIS program of School of Management. The program is a unique blend of disciplines ranging from management, business, information technology to social sciences, mathematics, and humanities. The curriculum offers adequate exposure to research, internship, and industrial and community-based learning projects in addition to dedicated classroom teachings. Overall, the program aims to produce a ‘complete graduate’ who is capable of handling professional, societal and personal problems.
The second aspect includes teaching courses in Economics, Management and Entrepreneurship. These courses currently add socio-scientific as well as entrepreneurial dimensions to the curricula in the  Engineering and Science. The courses naturally familiarize students with the broad aspects of industries and markets they are likely to enter during their professional careers. All the program in Engineering and Science have included these subjects as compulsory courses with the standard 3 credits value for each.
HMU has a number of other immediate service extensions:
  • Offer a specialized course in Academic Writing in the final year of each program — in view of the limit of credit hours in individual program, the courses are designed to be both integral (credited) as well as non-credited ones.
  • Provide editorial to the University’s official publications — the main focus would be to standardize the content of the University homepage in addition to helping in other tasks such as writing, translating and editing official documents.
  • Function as a strong faculty-team to help organize academic and cultural events in the main campus — professional workshops, conferences, seminars as well as literary and musical events.
  • Organize periodical training in communication skills to non-teaching staffs, and academic writing workshops to (post)graduate-level thesis writers of different programs.
  • Carry out faculty research and publication activities in specialized as well as interdisciplinary fields of scholarship.